Maximising the DIGITAL
  • True Value Powder Output Control
  • Independent Current Control
  • Digital Monitoring and Control of kV / Current and Powder Output
  • 17 User Defined Programmes with  3 Pre-set Programs 
  • kV / Powder Output Monitoring From Gun
  • 20 Program Access From Gun

PP – 18 Monitor
  • Digital control and monitoring of kV / Current and Powder Output
  • True Value Powder output control
  • 17 User Defined and 3 Pre-set programs
  • Independent Current Control
  • Metallic powder spray and recoating possible with pre-set programs access
  • PP-18 V series model comes with powder level Indicator and direct suction arrangement to pump the powder directly from the powder carton

Shalaka 18 – Powder Spray Gun
  • Light weight gun with touch trigger and external powder path offers superior ergonomic experience to painter
  • Gun comes with touch controls and monitoring of powder output, kV and current
  • Powder purge trigger for cleaning the nozzle preventing powder clogging offering consistent powder flow
  • True value powder output control on gun helps painter to coat the parts with any desired thickness with consistency 
  • 20 programs access from gun
  • Excellent powder flow gives consistency and efficiency in powder coverage with THE BEST FINISH even in metallic powder and for recoating

Control Block
  • Well balanced powder pump designed to perform with excellent, consistent, uniform powder flow for any powder volume settings to achieve highest quality finish 

Technical Specifications :